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AUTUMN LEAVES - Fall planner stickers

Silhouette CAMEOMissy Briggs
Fall Bujo Planner Stickers

What’s a fall planning page without fabulously bright autumn leaves?

I love my planner. When everyone else went digital (think first-gen Blackberry), I was furiously re-imagining paper and ink layouts suited to my fast-changing life. A new workout routine demanded a fresh tracking sheet. Wedding planning made timeline and budgeting pages a necessity. Pregnancy made me start tracking fruit. I had to keep tabs on the weekly growth of my unborn baby fruit with colorful detail. This week she’s a PEAR!

Stickers are the quickest way to achieve patterns, cute backgrounds or create colorful tabs for your planner. My Silhouette CAMEO® Print & Cut features make all of this possible in minutes.

I’m going to show you how it all comes together. Even better… I’m going to give you my SVG cut files so you can re-create this exact planning page!


Download my autumn leaves SVG and save to your computer. Open the leaf file in Silhouette Studio®. The leaves will appear in black and white. You get to choose the colors!


Open the Registration Marks option from the Silhouette menu (or click Ctrl + F3 on your PC). Choose your machine as the desired style. I’ve chosen the CAMEO. Now move your autumn leaves inside the registration marks. Anything outside of the brackets WILL print but WILL NOT cut.



Ungroup your leaves (right click and select ungroup) and change the desired color to something you prefer by clicking on the icon of a spilling cup to open the Fill Color menu. Select each leaf separately and choose the fill color. Don’t forget to select the counters (the inside of a letter “O”) and color those as well.


When you have all your stickers arranged within the registration marks, double check your cut settings. With the shape still ungrouped, you can click the leaf only and select cut edges to create a cutout while leaving the text uncut. Check every leaf!

Send your image to print on white Silhouette brand sticker paper. Then feed into the Silhouette Cameo on a cutting mat and watch it register and perfectly cut these intricate stickers.


Mine are 1.5” each and cut easily using the standard Sticker Paper cut settings.


Right click on a leaf design and select Release Compound Path. You can quickly delete my hand-lettered text and add your own!

I hope you enjoy these free cut files.