M2B Studio - Calligraphy by Missy Briggs

Free lettering guide sheets for small brush pens

Missy Briggs

What do you do with a free blank guide sheet? Everything! I use my blank guide sheets daily on lettering projects.

  1. Print out a copy and save it on your desk. Every time you letter, pull it out. Place it under your marker paper or atop your light pad for perfect alignment.
  2. Keep a copy on your computer for quick reference when digitizing lettering.
  3. Save a copy to the Camera Roll on your iPad Pro. At 50% opacity as a layer in the Procreate App... oh yeah! Lettering party on your iPad.

The blank guides below were designed to be used with small brush pens.

Here are the links to download your free blank guides. These are provided to you for personal use only.

8 mm Blank Guide Sheet - PDF
8 mm Blank Guide Sheet - JPG

For best results when lettering on a slant, try out the sheets with added 55 degree lines. This angle is preferred for formal scripts.

8 mm Blank Guide Sheet at 55 degrees - PDF
8 mm Blank Guide Sheet at 55 degrees - JPG

As always, my blank guide sheet and Getting Started guide with large brush pens is completely free. Just sign up for my mailing list and the 15mm getting started guide and Basic Strokes practice drills are yours.