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Missy Briggs

Getting started with brush lettering: It's not easy. When I wanted to learn brush calligraphy, there were scarce resources available and not much in the way of in-depth instruction that you could take advantage of in your own home. 

The trick to brush lettering is dedicated practice and the RIGHT resources.

I taught myself. Then I saved up and went to classes taught by world-class calligraphers. And then I taught myself some more!  My secret is that I remain an inquisitive student. If you've got a hot tip, I need to know it and incorporate into my own toolbox.

Today, I have the opportunity to partner with major retailers, art and craft suppliers and local event planners to follow my dreams and #lettereverything

And you can too!

My lettering getting started guide begins with a quick sign-up form to my mailing list. From there I will email you a comprehensive guide that will get you lettering with a large brush pen or a round watercolor brush  (your choice -- just be sure to print it out on mixed-media paper or cardstock if you're going to use ink or watercolor!)

If you're already on the list, you're already on the list. You won't be inundated by spammy email because... I'm a full-time artist! I'm too busy to bother you, and you're too busy to read spammy email too!

If you've got the free guide already, here's the link to my YouTube video with my best tips: