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How to address envelopes

Missy Briggs

An envelope addressing guide is key to getting started with envelopes.


I’ve created a simple-to-use guide that’s available in my shop. I find it indispensable when practicing a new script.

Simply insert the guide into an A7-sized envelope and start lettering.

Perfectly aligned envelope addressing is easy

Perfectly aligned envelope addressing is easy

If your envelopes are larger, YOU CAN still use the same guide. I recommend that you print out another guide and cut it to size!

What if my envelopes have a liner or are a thicker stock?

These envelope guides are perfect for practice. You can see right through most envelopes, including most stationery.

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PRO TIPS: When addressing an envelope that you cannot see through, I recommend using a light table. I recommend this DAYLIGHT table, that I’ve been using for several years. It’s thin, dimmable LED and was a huge improvement over prior attempts to use a tablet and a less expensive one that ultimately broke.

I also use it for weeding vinyl (great when you can’t find your glasses or it’s just late at night), for tracing designs and practice with lettering guide sheets. Oh, and I also use it to transfer layouts into my journals. I guess I use it a lot!