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How to apply a vinyl decal

Missy Briggs

Vinyl sticker application

You bought a vinyl decal and have no idea how to apply it. No worries. Application of a vinyl decal is simple with these quick steps.


Materials you will need:

  • Credit card or gift card

  • Ruler

STEP 1: Identify parts of a vinyl sticker

Identifying what you’re working with is key to getting it stuck the right way! Your vinyl decal was cut from a sheet of vinyl and the excess was removed. Transfer tape was added on top for easy and accurate placement. It’s layered like this:


When you purchase a regular sticker or label, it comes with the just the sticker and a backing. The vinyl decal has the added transfer tape so that your fingers will not touch the sticky back of the vinyl.

STEP 2: Ensure the decaI is stuck

To ensure a seamless transfer, ensure that decal is stuck to the transfer tape. Rub a credit card on top of the transfer sheet. To check, gently peel up a corner of the transfer tape and see if the vinyl peels up with it. If it is not stuck, continue burnishing with the credit card until firmly adhered.

STEP 3: Measure for placement

Using your ruler, measure your sticker location (journal, laptop, mirror, etc) for proper placement. Depending on where the sticker will be placed, decide if you want to mark with a pencil or chalk.

STEP 4: Peel and stick

Flip the sticker transfer tape side down and gently peel the vinyl backing away. Now carefully place your decal on. For larger decals, begin on one side and slowly place the decal as you burnish it down with the credit card.

PRO TIP: If you make a mistake and need to pull up a corner, buff out an air bubble or remove the decal entirely and start over, do so immediately. The vinyI is easy to remove right away, but becomes permanently adhered after a few minutes.

Here’s a quick how to video from my Instagram feed. It includes the step where you would weed out the vinyl if you cut it out yourself with a cutting machine. Ignore that step:)