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Free Lettering Guide Sheets: Guides for Procreate App & Bullet Journaling

Missy Briggs


Untitled_Artwork 41.png

Let’s get you some free guide sheets for Lettering, Journaling and the Procreate App! These lettering guide sheets are invaluable to me, as I use them for all my lettering work, bullet journaling sample sheets and traceable sheets with my light pad. Each are sized at 8.5” x 11” (US LETTER).

How to use free lettering guide sheets:

PAPER VERSION: Save the PNG file to your computer and print. You may need to cut down to size to fit in your favorite planner!

DIGITAL USE: Save to your photos on the iPad. Open the Procreate App and click the + for a new canvas. If you haven’t already created a canvas at US Letter Size, create one!


Open your new canvas and click the Actions Menu (wrench icon). Click Add and then click insert photo.


Once you have selected the guide sheet from your photos, be sure to add another layer on top. You don’t want to letter on the same layer as your guide!

Download the guides

Simply click the links below to download your guide sheets. These guides are provided for your personal use only and are not to be redistributed without permission. Thanks:)