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chrome mirror wrap

Cutting mirror-finish vinyl

Cutting calligraphy, Silhouette CAMEOMissy Briggs

Do you know the story behind my Silhouette CAMEO? 

I cannot cut. I'm not kidding. I usually switch to righty when forced to use scissors and it's a disaster. I purchased the SIlhouette CAMEO several years ago to cut basic shapes out of paper. Now it's my weapon of choice to apply lettering to just about anything. I cut paper, vinyl, heat transfer materials, thick cover stock, vellum, and stickers.It's really quite addictive and an easy way for a Pinterest Fail kind of mom like me to feel a bit crafty.

My latest #pinterestfail was applying gold foil to my calligraphy. I could not make it work. And then I remembered the car at the bakery. The doors were like gold fun house mirrors. These mirror-finish chrome cars are painted by a specialty shop, but it can also be achieved with a mirror-finish vinyl wrap. How do I know this?  My husband and my son are obsessed with cars and information from the seven year old focused mind is constant. He patters on and on about manufacturers I've never heard of and certainly cannot spell. No... the best thing I've learned, is that mirrored vinyl exists!

The finish on this is smoother than expected. I could barely take a picture. Try photographing a mirror!

If you'd like to see a tutorial on how I cut my handwriting, please drop me a note here or on Instagram and follow me on Periscope. It might be a long scope... but worth it! I promise not to talk about cars. 

HI! Can you see me in the reflection? 

HI! Can you see me in the reflection?