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The Best Tools for Beginners - Brush Calligraphy

Brush Markers

These brush markers have a shorter, narrower tip. This means easier manipulation for you as you're learning. They dry fast, and the tips are more durable than longer brush-tipped markers.

I've linked you to Amazon below, because Prime is my child's middle name. 


These paper recommendations include those that are smooth, and available with a spiral binding that goes across the top of the page. WARNING: Smooth also equals a smearier mess (I'm making up words now).  If you've followed my advice above on pens, they will dry pretty fast.

Paper for printing

Try HP Premium Choice Laser Jet paper  in your inkjet or laser printer to print your own guide sheets


All you really need to get started are the tools noted above. But these are so fun I know you'll want to try them ALL out!

All of these tools are fun and versatile, but not all beginner-friendly. It's fun to try something new, so watch out for sales on these!

Brush Markers

More Necessities for Modern Calligraphy